Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hope and Trust

Those two words sum up this year for me, at least so far. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for the future in this world and hope for the next. And trust. Trust that God is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do. Trust that everything is going to be okay. And, you know what? For right now, this minute, everything IS okay. I've spent a good portion of this year holding my breath...wondering what is coming next and wondering if we are going to make it and making plans that may or may not come to pass. But I am beginning to exhale. I can trust Him. I can. He is worthy. So this all ties in to my garden which I finally planted last weekend. I think a garden is a wonderful expression of hope and trust. I hope for good results as I poke the seeds into the dirt. I hope for good weather and no weeds and timely germination and all sorts of things. And I also trust. I trust that the seeds will do as God has planned ~ germinate, sprout, grow and bear fruit.
The picture is of garlic I planted last Fall. Talk about trust - I stuck those cloves of garlic in the dirt just before the first hard freeze and covered them up with straw I snuck out of a neighbor's trash can (by the light of the early morning sun, I might add). And then one day not too long ago, Curtis spied tender green spears poking up through the straw. He was so excited he called me at work to tell me. And that's when I felt it - hope. I felt a sense of things falling into place, that everything will work out even when it seems like it won't. I'll keep you posted on the garden. And other things too.

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