Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Night

Hmmm, Sunday night. Since I've become part of the full time work force lately, Sunday nights are not what they used to be. I'm working on not feeling dread about the coming week of get the picture. Is this how my husband has felt all these years? I have a lot more sympathy for him as the primary wage earner now. I would love for him to have that role back, really I would. Anyway, I am working on the attitude thing for reals. Life is too short to be filled with dread!

Sooooo, today I had a thought. Imagine that - an honest-to-goodness original thought! - and here it is: God speaks to us through imperfect vessels. There ya go. Not too original but it struck me afresh nonetheless. As I pondered this bit of "new" information it occurred to me: God only speaks to us through imperfect vessels. Ha - whaddayathinkofthat??? Why would I expect anything less? Of course He speaks to us through imperfect vessels because that is all that is available to Him here on Earth. Amazingly brilliant, I know. I know!

But this thought brought me much comfort and filled me with a feeling of grace towards those who bring the gospel to me each Sunday morning. I have a confession to make: sometimes I don't attend the service. When a certain pastor is preaching, I skip out. Naughty, naughty me. I am such a bad example. This morning, when I was backsliding, uhhhh, I mean running errands at Walmart instead of sitting in church, God let me in on that little bit of wisdom I shared in the previous paragraph. And instantly all the negative, critical thoughts I had been entertaining in my head just went away. Poof. God is like that sometimes. And I love that He is.

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