Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday "Week"...

Most people have a birth DAY. Well, being the only female (human) in my house, I have long held to the tradition that there needs to be a birthday WEEK. So this is my birthday WEEK. Every day leading up to my birthday has had a little something special in it, and I love that. Sunday, Curtis's mom paid for us to go out to lunch at Red Lobster, something we would not have been able to do otherwise. Since both boys were busy in other social adventures, it was just Curtis and I, which made it special times two. Monday was special because Curtis drove me to work and picked me up. My Monday part-time job includes horrendous parking. Seriously, you have to get to the campus at least 15 minutes early just to find a parking spot. Then you have to hike a mile (okay, maybe just 10 blocks or so) to get to your actual work location. So getting a ride to work (and home!) is a big deal. Today, Tuesday, we went to see Sherlock Holmes at the ultra cheap theater with some change from our change can. It was a great movie and extra-special because I got to see it with Curtis. I wonder what Wednesday will bring? Happy Birthday WEEK to me!

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